Toyota Corolla Mpg

Toyota Corolla Mpg - MPG-o-Matic 2009 Toyota Corolla Review Summary: The 2009 Toyota Corolla competes with the Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Ford Emphasis, as well as Chevy Cobalt, among others in the highly competitive small market and also ports in between the Yaris and also Camry in Toyota's lineup.

Under the hood, all Corolla models with the exception of the XRS are fitted with Toyota's 1.8 litre DOHC 16-valve VVT-i 4 cyndrical tube engine, which creates 132 horsepower (HP) and also 128 foot pounds of torque. (The more powerful XRS is furnished with a beefier 2.4 liter, producing 158 HP and also 162 foot extra pounds of torque.).

Toyota Corolla Mpg

The main gas mileage estimates for the 1.8 liter geared up 2009 Corolla are 27 city/35 highway miles each gallon (MPG) with the 4-speed transmission and 26/35 with the 5-speed manual transmission. (The 2.4 liter Corolla XRS provides substantially more zest, however an inverted number of miles each gallon, racking up 22/30 with either the 5-speed automatic or manual transmission.).

In over 500 miles of driving, we trounced the official price quotes, scoring 40.3 MPG on the freeway and also 35.2 incorporated. The Corolla's efficient VVT-i engine rewards light-footed drivers while providing enough throttle to make those merges.

Currently in its tenth generation, the Corolla holds the honor of being the world's finest selling automobile, overshadowing the 30 million mark in 2007.

That exceptional success has been built on Toyota's credibility for quality as well as value, in addition to the Corolla's strong gas mileage rankings.

To obtain the very best gas mileage arises from the Corolla, keep an eye on the instant gas mileage display screen as you drive. The figures will rise and fall extensively as you increase and shore. Watching the numbers while maintaining a light foot are the keys to maximum fuel effectiveness.

In reviewing the competitors, it's clear that the Corolla has actually been conservatively developed to appeal to the widest spectrum of drivers, unlike some portable vehicles which are mainly targeted to a younger crowd.

The cabin is a case in point. It's cleanly created and lacking bold designing hints and stylish bits.

Out on the road, we found the Corolla XLE's cloth-upholstered seats to be comfortable, although they lacked back support.

Guiding wheel controls allow you take charge of the stereo and Bluetooth connection without raising your hands from the wheel. The satellite-ready audio system consists of an in-dash line-in jack, with power electrical outlets in both the dash and facility console.

Dashboard controls are no muss, no hassle, throughout. Home heating and also air conditioning controls are kindly sized as well as an absolute cinch to run.

All-in-all, it adds up to an engaging, if somewhat conservative plan. It's clear to see why the Toyota Corolla continues to be an exceptional selection for the mileage-minded.

Toyota Corolla Mpg

2015 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 31.9
2014 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 32.2
2013 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.3
2012 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.0
2011 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.5
2010 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 30.3
2009 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.9
2008 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 30.4
2007 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 31.1
2006 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 31.5
2005 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 31.2
2004 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.7
2003 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 31.1
2002 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.7
2001 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.7
2000 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.6
1999 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 29.7
1998 Toyota Corolla Mpg = 28.9